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News – ONCE CAST CHANGE from 12th May 2014

Incoming Cast David Hunter as Guy Jill Winternitz as Girl Outgoing Cast Arthur Darvill as Guy Zrinka Cvitešić as Girl Staying in their Present Roles Fiona Bruce as Baruska Jamie Cameron as Emcee Mark Carlisle as Da Matthew Ganley as Svec Mathew Hamper as Andre Daniel Healy as Eamon Loren O'Dair as Reza Miria Parvin as Ex Girlfriend Tim Prottey-Jones...

REVIEW: Once at the Phoenix Theatre

Starring: Arthur Darvill - Guy Zrinka Cvitešić - Girl With eight Tony Awards to its name, Once (Broadway) is undeniably a hit musical the other side of the Atlantic. Wins in 2012 include best musical, best director and best actor in Steve Kazee, so it's not surprising that...