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REVIEW: As Is at the Trafalgar Studios

It's early '80s New York City, and amongst the leathers and aviators of a throbbing gay club scene, there's chatter of a new, deadly disease capable of selecting it's victims based exclusively on sexual orientation. Declared a "gay plague" by more than just a few...

REVIEW: Stop! The Play at the Trafalgar Studios

A lot of theatre, possibly even most, is staged with a firm purpose in mind, to make a political statement or to air a philosophical approach, to educate, or critique. But sometimes - just sometimes - it exists for the sole purpose of making you...

REVIEW: Miss Havisham’s Expectations at the Trafalgar Studios

A Dickens classic, Great Expectations is a traditional coming-of-age story piqued by complex characters and beautifully detailed narrative. A book taught in schools up and down the country, it follows the social and emotional development of the orphaned Pip, who lives the early years of...

LOOK AHEAD: Dickens with a Difference at the Trafalgar Studios

‘Dickens with a Difference’ comprises two London premières, Miss Havisham’s Expectations and Sikes & Nancy. Featuring Linda Marlowe and James Swanton, they will be performed on the same evening at Trafalgar Studios, and can be watched either as separate plays or following on from one...