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REVIEW: The Tempest at the Hope Theatre

Summer's arrived, and contrary to time-tested English tradition, it's hot. With the availability of air conditioning dividing theatres into "have" and "have nots," it really can be the difference between a show being enjoyable or not. So it's safe to say, then, that if a...

REVIEW: The Tempest at the Waterloo East Theatre

Sarah Redmond's production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, currently playing at the Waterloo East Theatre, provides a masterclass in theatrical storytelling. With brilliant acting across the board, it's a production that makes Shakespearean comedy actually funny to a modern audience, drawing absurdity out of script and...

LOOK AHEAD: The Tempest at the Waterloo East Theatre

Adaptation & Direction - Sarah Redmond Design - Daniel Gillingwater Lighting - Tom Kitney Choreography - Cristian Valle Original Score - Daniel Gillingwater "Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground." From 8th – 26th October 2014, a new, futuristic adaptation of Shakespeare’s The...