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REIVEW: Tea Set at the White Bear Theatre and the Barons Court Theatre

Engaging, moving and at times, harrowing, Tea Set is a one-handed play that demonstrates perfectly that extensive visual stimuli aren’t required for a performance to pack a punch. Delivered by Amy Molloy, Gina Moxley’s play takes us back to “the millennium,” to that one tick...

LOOK AHEAD: The Enlightenment Café: New Atlantis

Barra Collins - Artistic Director Andy Franzkowiak - Creative Producer Sean Turner - Designer Potion Pictures - Animation Multi award-winning theatre company, LAStheatre’s latest immersive production, New Atlantis, will premiere in London in January 2015 at The Crystal – a futuristic, sustainable venue. The show explores humanity’s relationship with...

LOOK AHEAD: Tea Set at the White Bear Theatre and the Barons Court Theatre

'That incident left me cored. No other word describes it. Whatever was left of my essence, gist, kernel, life force, self was gouged out by that boy.' Playwright - Gina Moxley Producers - Kibo Productions and Amy Molloy Director - Sharon Willems Original Music - Mari Sainio Costume Design -...

Introducing A New British Musical, The Homefront

The new production of Miss Saigon shows us just how incredible - and popular - a well executed musical revival can be. But whilst there is no denying that the old favourites can offer a great night out, there are murmurings in stagey circles that...