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REVIEW: Molly Wobbly at the Leicester Square Theatre

Welcome to Little Happening, England. More specifically, welcome to Mammary Lane, where the jaded local shopkeepers lament a dearth of business, failing marriages and the distinct absence of spontaneity in their lives. Meet Margaret (Jane Milligan), a strong and dominating tailor, Ruth (Stephanie Fearon) the...

LOOK AHEAD: Molly Wobbly at the Leicester Square Theatre

Original book, music, and lyrics by Paul Boyd Director - Paul Boyd Choreographer - Sarah Johnston Musical Direction - Matthew Reeve Designer - Diego Pitarch Lighting Designer - Tom Kitney Cast Cassie Compton Stephanie Fearon Jane Milligan Conleth Kane Christopher Finn Ashley Knight Alan Richardson Russell Morton Paul Boyd’s musical comedy, Molly Wobbly, is finally getting its first full London...