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Major Cast Changes in Les Misérables

The new cast of Les Misérables start at the Queen's Theatre in London on this Monday, 16th June. Rob Houchen, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Wendy Ferguson remain in their principal roles, with Peter Lockyer crossing the pond to reprise the role he played in the US 25th Anniversary Tour. Also reprising his role...

News – New LES MISERABLES Cast Announced

The new Les Miserables cast has finally been announced! The new cast start on 16th June 2014. Incoming cast: Peter Lockyer - Jean Valjean David Thaxton - Javert Tom Edden - M. Thénardier Emilie Fleming - Cosette Celinde Scheonmaker - Fantine Michael Colbourne - Enjolras Staying in their current roles: Rob Houchen - Marius Carrie...

Speculation – Could this be the new Les Mis cast?

The new Les Miserables cast starts 16th June 2014. This is how it's shaping up; no word on Marius yet. David Thaxton (confirmed) - Javert Celinde Schoenmaker (confirmed) - Fantine Tom Edden (confirmed) - Thénardier Carrie Hope Fletcher (for a limited time before joining War of the...