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News – CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY cast change from 19th May 2014

Incoming Cast Alex Jennings as Willy Wonka Barry James as Grandpa Joe Josefina Gabrielle as Mrs Teavee Richard Dempsey as Mr Bucket Kirsty Malpass as Mrs Bucket Ensemble: Dan Cooke, Divine Cresswell, Connor Dowling, Gemma Fuller, Robert Jones, Matthew Rowland, Rebecca Seale, Gregory Sims, Paulo Teixeira and Laura Tyrer. Staying in their...

Speculation – Could this be the new Les Mis cast?

The new Les Miserables cast starts 16th June 2014. This is how it's shaping up; no word on Marius yet. David Thaxton (confirmed) - Javert Celinde Schoenmaker (confirmed) - Fantine Tom Edden (confirmed) - Thénardier Carrie Hope Fletcher (for a limited time before joining War of the...

News – BILLY ELLIOT CAST CHANGE from 12th May 2014

Incoming Cast Ruthie Henshall as Mrs Wilkinson Deka Walmsley as Dad Chris Grahamson as Tony Ann Emery as Grandma Howard Crossley as George Claudia Bradley as Dead Mum David Muscat as Mr Braithwaite Barnaby Meredith as Older Billy Ensemble: Craig Armstrong, David Bardsley, Paul Basleigh, Spencer Cartwright, Lucinda Collins, Gillian Elisa, Lee Hoy, Ruri...

News – ONCE CAST CHANGE from 12th May 2014

Incoming Cast David Hunter as Guy Jill Winternitz as Girl Outgoing Cast Arthur Darvill as Guy Zrinka Cvitešić as Girl Staying in their Present Roles Fiona Bruce as Baruska Jamie Cameron as Emcee Mark Carlisle as Da Matthew Ganley as Svec Mathew Hamper as Andre Daniel Healy as Eamon Loren O'Dair as Reza Miria Parvin as Ex Girlfriend Tim Prottey-Jones...