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REVIEW: A Christmas Carol at Middle Temple Hall

It’s where Shakespeare debuted Twelfth Night, and fellow literary legend and author of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, studied law, but so spectacular is Middle Temple Hall that it doesn’t even need to mention these credentials to be considered a breathtaking venue; rather, its Elizabethan...

REVIEW: Antic Disposition’s Henry V

In a military hospital just outside Agincourt, France, British soldiers, exhausted, injured and caked in mud, sit alongside French comrades as nurses tend to their wounds. It's a surprising opening to a play centred on one of England’s most celebrated military victories against the French,...

REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet at Temple Church

Romeo and Juliet. A play that’s so culturally ingrained that phrases first heard in the play, like being sent on a “wild goose chase,” are still inextricable from our vocabulary nearly 500 years later. As a piece of literature or drama, the tragedy of Shakespeare’s...

PHOTO FLASH: Romeo & Juliet at Temple Church

[gallery ids="17611,17619,17618,17617,17616,17615,17614,17613"] Following critically-acclaimed, sell-out productions of The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and A Christmas Carol in historic Middle Temple Hall, Antic Disposition are to make the short journey to the ancient Temple Church in central London for their next production, Romeo and Juliet by...