Ginger Hibiscus | Ginger Hibiscus | LOOK AHEAD: WINK at Theatre503
Ginger Hibiscus | LOOK AHEAD: WINK at Theatre503
Ginger Hibiscus | LOOK AHEAD: WINK at Theatre503
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10 Mar LOOK AHEAD: WINK at Theatre503

Writer – Phoebe Eclair-Powell
Director – Jamie Jackson
Designer – Bethany Wells
Lighting Designer – Aaron J. Dootson
Sound Designer – Max Pappenheim
Movement Director – Isla Jackson-Ritchie
Dramaturg – Graeme Thompson

WINK opens today at Theatre503, the debut collaboration from writer Phoebe Eclair-Powell and director Jamie Jackson. The production is said to be “inspired by cinematic conventions,” and will, “fuse language, movement and a compelling score, to create a distinctive, encompassing experience for audiences. WINK will summon the audience into characters’ world, creating theatre that is unexpected and emotionally captivating.”

I am wired, awake, my mind full, my eyes fuller. I google him because for some reason he’s never not a bit in my brain, he’s sort of what I think I would like to be, maybe, Mr. Martin. And he’s there.

John is a 27 year-old teacher ‘who probably wasn’t allowed to teach at an all girls’ school’ and Mark is his 16 year-old ‘Olympic porn watching’ pupil. A normal week in their normal lives – school, eat, TV, sleep, repeat. Except in an age of twisted technology and possible profiles, the life Mark really wants is only a click away. But what happens when that life already belongs to John?

In an age of ever-increasing advances in technology where methods of communication are dominated by the internet, WINK explores if we ever really know who we’re talking to online. How much can we find out using the internet, when do we know what’s real and what’s false and how important is human interaction?

Fuelled by an electrifying mix of music and movement, WINK looks at two lives veering dangerously close to collision, asking us what separates the man from the boy and how young males confront feelings of dissatisfaction and isolation.

Keep an eye out for our review, coming soon…

Venue: Theatre503
Dates: 10th March – 4th April 2015
For tickets and information: