Ginger Hibiscus | Ginger Hibiscus | Look Ahead: New Atlantis
Ginger Hibiscus | Look Ahead: New Atlantis
Ginger Hibiscus | Look Ahead: New Atlantis
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30 Nov LOOK AHEAD: The Enlightenment Café: New Atlantis

Barra Collins – Artistic Director
Andy Franzkowiak – Creative Producer
Sean Turner – Designer
Potion Pictures – Animation

Multi award-winning theatre company, LAStheatre’s latest immersive production, New Atlantis, will premiere in London in January 2015 at The Crystal – a futuristic, sustainable venue. The show explores humanity’s relationship with water in the year 2050 through a fictional intergovernmental organisation called New Atlantis, with the audience invited to take a pivotal, active role as its front line ‘agents’.

Alongside actors, the cast will include high-profile UCL (University College London) scientists and engineers, including BBC’s Helen Czerski, who add a sense of pressing realism to the futuristic narrative.

Miami has been abandoned due to rising sea levels, water austerity is hitting a drought-ridden London hard and the CEOs of two major energy companies have been imprisoned for historic climate crimes. Presiding over these developments is New Atlantis. Since its inception one woman has held the tiller but her time is coming to an end. In a crucial pre-election assembly the agents of New Atlantis will engage with policy makers, humanitarians, scientists and engineers from institutes including UCL, Pennine Water Group, STFC Rutherford Appleton Lab and the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling. Using this knowledge they must choose and stand behind a new leader and ultimately decide the fate of the planet.

Which way will you vote?

The production grapples with pressing and complex issues such as climate change, our relationship with water resources and distribution of power. While celebrating intellectual collaboration and scientific knowledge, it asks how the human race deals with ever-growing populations and limited natural resources.

Combined with schools outreach, a series of short films and an on-line space to engage diverse audiences through social media and digital research, New Atlantis will provide a platform to celebrate the important work of scientists, engineers and humanitarians whilst allowing the public a platform to debate one of the most pressing issues of the 21st Century.

Dates: Monday 19th – Sunday 25th January 2015

Location: The Crystal, E16 1GB


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