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27 Jul Casting for The Homefront

Fairground Theatre Productions have begun announcing the cast for their upcoming production of The Homefront.

Playing Homeless Man 1 is Josh Maddison, with Bruno Loxton as Homless Man 2. Homeless Man 3 is yet to be announced.

The Homefront was written by Kristian after he became homeless for a short period in 2013, when his time on the streets inspired him to share the stories of the many people he met. We follow the fortunes of three homeless men living in London; sharing their stories of day to day life, seeing the inside of a jail cell for the wrong reasons, facing fears, experiencing tragedy and coming to terms with their fate. Each of these homeless men are at different stages of their journey, but their stories bring them together, and, in turn, also tear them apart.

“I found a community that I never knew existed and saw first-hand the lengths to which homeless people go to keep themselves alive.” – John Kristian, writer

Aside from inspiring a fresh, exciting composition, Kristian’s time on the street allowed him to see parts of London hidden from plain sight and to meet people invisible to the public eye. To expose this, and bring it to life on stage,  his real recorded conversations are featured within the text of the performance. From doctors to students, and those struggling with their vices, the stories of the people of the street motivated Kristian to create a challenging piece of theatre that would show the London public what life is like on The Homefront.

Catch the short run of The Homefront, presented by the Fairground Theatre Company in association with the Union Theatre, between 6th August and 9th August. Tickets, priced at £15 (concessions £10) are on sale now at the Union. 

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