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Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Show Us How to Bounce Back

02 Jun Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Show Us How to Bounce Back

Jesus Christ Superstar

On Friday, promoters S2BN Entertainment announced the cancellation of a planned US arena “Spectacular” of Jesus Christ Superstar. Scheduled to play in over 50 cities across the States, the opening night was just a week away when the unexpected news was broken to a shocked creative team. Already in New Orleans, Ben Forster (Jesus) and JC Chasez (Pontius Pilot) were mid-rehearsal with director Laurence Connor when they were interrupted by the show’s general manager. According to Forster, “he was like: ‘Guys, take a break. We need to chat. It’s not going to happen.’”

Just 24 hours before “someone just came in and took a big wrecking ball to the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ tour,” John Lydon (King Herod) was having a costume fitting, the ensemble were busy in studio rehearsals, and there was no suggestion that the show could be in difficulty. It was such a shock to the cast, that Brandon Boyd (Judas) thought he was undergoing some kind of initiation ceremony to mark his first foray into musical theatre, saying, “it was like a prank that you pull on the new guy…but no.”

Unsurprisingly, there was an emotional response from the cast and crew on Twitter:

The initial statement was ambiguous as to the reason behind the cancellation, however it has been reported that the tour had failed to pull in sufficient ticket sales- said to be hundreds of thousands of dollars every night- to keep it afloat. Leaving the cancellation until so late has sparked outrage at the treatment of everyone involved, particularly following the May closure of X-Factor musical I Can’t Sing, where cast and creatives were given just 2 weeks notice.

However, in a wonderful turn of events, cast members Rob Copeland and Adam Strong have started a campaign on Twitter to bring the production they have worked so hard on to this years Glastonbury Festival. Showing, all over again, how 24 hours can change everything, they have generated over 3m uses of their hashtag #JCSglasto, and garnered support for the idea from Glastonbury organisers. Perhaps they could teach S2BN Entertainment a thing or two about promotion.

Ginger Hibiscus would like to wish them all the best with with campaign, and support them in their endeavours.

Support them on Twitter: [twitter-follow screen_name=’JCSglasto’ show_screen_name=’yes’] and use #JCSglasto

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