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REVIEW: Flames at the Waterloo East Theatre

A year after Meredith’s fiancé, Edmund, died tragically in a fire that burnt his workplace to the ground, she’s still struggling to come to terms not only with what happened to him, but with the revelations that preceded the disaster. But when a chance encounter...

NEWS: Othello Transfers to the Waterloo East Theatre

After an acclaimed 4-week-run at the Rose Playhouse, Bankside, Time Zone Theatre have announced that they will be presenting their contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Othello for a strictly limited run at Waterloo East Theatre. Director Pamela Schermann transfers the action to the cityscape of modern...

LOOK AHEAD: The Tempest at the Waterloo East Theatre

Adaptation & Direction - Sarah Redmond Design - Daniel Gillingwater Lighting - Tom Kitney Choreography - Cristian Valle Original Score - Daniel Gillingwater "Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground." From 8th – 26th October 2014, a new, futuristic adaptation of Shakespeare’s The...