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REVIEW: Sweeney Todd at the Twickenham Theatre

Victorian London. Poverty runs riot through filthy streets, dodging the horse-drawn carts as they thunder past, and wheezing through air thick with smoke. It’s an unforgiving environment for the penniless, so when Benjamin Barker returns in search of his wife and daughter, he’s forced back...

Image Released of the New Production of Sweeney Todd

From left to right, Mikaela Newton (Tobias), Chris Coleman (The Beadle), Josh Tevendale (Anthony), Zoe Curlett (Beggar Woman), David Bedella (Sweeney Todd), Sarah Ingram (Mrs. Lovett), Shaun Chambers (Pirelli), Genevieve Kingsford (Johanna), Mark McKerracher (Judge Turpin).   Olivier Award winner David Bedella will play razor-wielding madman Sweeney...