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REVIEW: Chef at the Soho Theatre

How does a well-meaning girl desperate to be an astronaut grow into a convicted prisoner? What choices did she have to make for that to happen? And how much of an opportunity did she really have to shape those decisions? Currently playing at the Soho...

REVIEW: Hiraeth at the Soho Theatre

Hiraeth. It’s a word with a glaring Welshness about it, and one that’ll cause many an Englishman to pull a ridiculous face in trying to figure out just how to pronounce it at the ticket office. But perhaps more challenging than trying to vocalise Hiraeth,...

LOOK AHEAD: Hiraeth at the Soho Theatre

Creators - Jesse Briton, Buddug James Jones, Max Mackintosh Performers - Buddug James Jones, Max Mackintosh and David Grubb Lighting Designer - Seth Rook Williams Producer - Sarah Jane Leigh This March, Hiraeth and Welsh cakes aplenty come to London – following a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe...