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REVIEW: Return of the Soldier at the Jermyn Street Theatre

When Captain Christopher Baldry unexpectedly returns from the World War I front line, his reappearance has a profound impact on three very different women. All of them have missed and worried about him, but only Mrs Margaret Grey knew he was coming back. Return of...

This Week in Theatreland

It's a remarkably busy week ahead on the London theatre scene. In the West End we have The Phantom of the Opera cast change and the opening of previews of the King Charles III transfer; at the Union Theatre Howard Goodall's the dreaming opens, alongside The...

Look Ahead: The Return of the Soldier

Aria Entertainment have announced they will be producing The Return of the Soldier, to be shown at the Jermyn Street Theatre in September. Coinciding with the centenary of the First World War, The Return of the Soldier is an intimate new chamber musical based on Rebecca West's celebrated...