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REVIEW: Secret Island by the Secret Studio Lab

There’s a definite thrill when it comes to signing up for something with a name like “Secret Theatre,” the ambiguity a feast for the imagination as you venture into the unknown. But with attendees all arriving with vastly different visions for their evening, like an...

LOOK AHEAD: Secret Island from Secret Studio Lab

Secret Studio Lab tonight present the first night of their much-anticipated brand new immersive theatrical production, The Island, in East London. Following an underground three month sold-out production of SE7EN DEADLY SINS, the original “secret” theatre company returns with a new production that looks set...

REVIEW: The Candidate at Theatre Delicatessen

Just in case you don’t use social media, watch TV, read a newspaper, walk down the road with your eyes open or open your post, then it’s time for a news flash. After months of political posturing, debating and leafletting, election time has arrived, and...

LOOK AHEAD: The Enlightenment Café: New Atlantis

Barra Collins - Artistic Director Andy Franzkowiak - Creative Producer Sean Turner - Designer Potion Pictures - Animation Multi award-winning theatre company, LAStheatre’s latest immersive production, New Atlantis, will premiere in London in January 2015 at The Crystal – a futuristic, sustainable venue. The show explores humanity’s relationship with...