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REVIEW: Clairvoyant at Etcetera Theatre

Cheryl Fernandez Versini is back in the celebrity columns, her face once again adorning the gossip pages, but not, this time, because of a twist in her personal life. Instead, it’s because this year’s XFactor adverts have already started to emerge, a fact that can...

REVIEW: Outgrown at the Etcetera Theatre

With homework to get done, Backstreet Boys blaring out the stereo and blue WKD in hand, Lizzie and Beth declared they’d be best friends forever. They didn’t just declare it; they knew that, no matter what, they’d always be inseparable. But 10 years later their...

LOOK AHEAD: Outgrown at the Etcetera Theatre

Created by Mind Your Head Directed by Jessica Daniels Performed by Lucy Hagan-Walker and Paige Wilson Mind Your Head Theatre have announced Outgrown, their first ever full length production showing at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden from Tuesday 28th April. “Imagine if we had never met. Do you think...

LOOK AHEAD: Joy at the Etcetera Theatre

Three men. Three different walks of life. One problem. Joy…or lack thereof. Velvet Trumpet present an evening of darkly funny monologues delving into the lives of three lonely men desperately seeking joy. When Michael’s marriage fails and he is forced to move in with his brother,...