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REVIEW: Stop! The Play at the Trafalgar Studios

A lot of theatre, possibly even most, is staged with a firm purpose in mind, to make a political statement or to air a philosophical approach, to educate, or critique. But sometimes - just sometimes - it exists for the sole purpose of making you...

REVIEW: the dreaming at the Union Theatre

It’s 1913 in Midsomer Magna, Somerset, and the runaway son of a blacksmith, Jack (Simone Murphy), creeps through the forest, searching mythical woodland creatures. At the same time, the beautiful and oft-admired Charlotte (Holly Julier) is reported to have eloped with a local man, Alexander...

PHOTO FLASH: April in Paris

[gallery link="none" ids="17707,17708"] Photo credit: Robert Day Shobna Gulati (Coronation Street, Dinnerladies) and Joe McGann (Calendar Girls, The Upper Hand) star in a new UK tour of John Godber’s bittersweet comedy, April in Paris. Al and Bet’s relationship is on the rocks. He recently lost his job, while...

REVIEW: The Me Plays at the Old Red Lion Theatre

Andrew Maddock’s eloquent perspective on growing up in Wembley, is a fabulous fusion of performance and poetry. A pair of soliloquies both written and delivered by Maddock, The Me Plays put us into the mind of "Me," someone very much like, but not exactly, Maddock...