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REVIEW: Apartment 40C at the St James Studio

Awarding a show the full five stars is a strange and wonderful thing. It’s normally done basking in the warm afterglow of an incredible show, something that’ll be spinning around your head for weeks to come, that’s made you feel so excited you need to...

NEWS: Apartment 40C Transfers to the St James Studio

It has been announced that Tom Lees and Ray Rackham's five-star musical Apartment 40C is transferring to the St James Studio for a strictly limited run this April. Following a sell-out run at the London Theatre Workshop last year, the production has been re-worked and...

REVIEW: Apartment 40C at the London Theatre Workshop

The London Theatre Workshop presents Apartment 40C, a beautifully moving exploration of love and commitment, of loss and of choice. The first new musical conceived, written, workshopped and now mounted as a full production in the London Theatre Workshop, Apartment 40C is the creation of...