Ginger Hibiscus | The Me Plays by Andrew Maddock at the Old Red Lion Theatre Ginger Hibiscus
Look ahead at The Me Plays by Andrew Maddock at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London. Off West End it comprises the plays Junkie and Hi Life I Win, and will be directed by Ryan Bradley. To be reviewed by Ginger Hibiscus
The Me Plays Andrew Maddock Old Red Lion Theatre Junkie Hi Life I Win Ryan Bradley Ginger Hibiscus
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02 Sep LOOK AHEAD: The Me Plays at the Old Red Lion Theatre

Introducing young writer/actor Andrew Maddock’s debut full-length production, The Me Plays, previewing tonight and opening tomorrow.

According to marketing materials, “Andrew’s two short plays, Junkie and Hi Life I Win display a great originality of voice, flexing between two breathless autobiographies and a kicking performance-poetry rhythm. The Me Plays present a semi-autobiographical look at growing up in Wembley, complete with discussions of male body image, internet pornography, Roman Catholic schools & Rap. Expect laughs & lows in a series of plays that look at what it means to be somebody finding their way in the world under the pressure of the new digital age.”

“Separately the two plays are superb character studies, but taken together, as they will be in their presentation as The Me Plays, they reflect two very different approaches to living in the 21st century, of negotiating obsession and mortality in a world of constant overstimulation.”

The Me Plays is at The Old Red Lion Theatre, directed by Ryan Bradley, and we will be publishing a review on Thursday.

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