Ginger Hibiscus | Cast Change – Mamma Mia – from 9th June 2014
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Cast Change – Mamma Mia – from 9th June 2014

25 May Cast Change – Mamma Mia – from 9th June 2014

Mamma Mia

From 9th June 2014, Mamma Mia will be welcoming a new cast to the Novello Theatre. For more information about the incoming cast, click the links below.

Incoming cast:
Sophie SheridanAlice Stokoe
AliRosanna Bates
LisaBrodie McBride
RosieRebecca Lock
SkyLloyd Green
PepperJames Alexander Gibbs
Eddie – James Alan-Evans
Harry BrightAlasdair Harvey
Bill Austin – Charles Daish
Alternate Donna – Shona White

Ensemble to be confirmed

Staying in their current roles:
TanyaKim Ismay
Donna SheridanDianne Pilkington
Sam Carmichael – Richard Trinder

Outgoing cast:
Sophie Sheridan – Emma Crossley
Ali – Jessica Daley
Lisa – Stephanie Clift
Rosie – Jane Milligan
Sky – Oliver Tilney
Pepper – Dickie Wood
Eddie – Dan Krikler
Harry Bright – Neil Roberts
Bill Austin – James Gaddas
Father Alexander – Matthew Cutts
Alternate Donna – Claire Poyzer

Ensemble: Ben Astle, Dawn Buckland, Jennifer Caldwell, Adam Clayton-Smith, Emily Dunn, Ewan Gillies, Dominic James, Lizzie Jay-Hughes, Stephen McGlynn, Nikki Mae, Billy Mitchell, Katy Osborne, Steph Parry, Heather Scott-Martin, Helen Siveter, Dominic Smith, Joshua Steel, Kayleigh Stephenson, Richard Taylor Woods

For tickets:

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